Cherry Trees Remote Learning

Welcome to our ‘Remote Learning’. Previously, we have communicated with you to find out what is the best way to meet the needs of our remote learners.  On this page you will find the answer to remote learning for our school:


Approach 1: All families who are working remotely will receive a home learning pack that is individual to their child – this is the focus for the remote learning and these will be sent out on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on which class they are in. These will be emailed or posted out to you. Please do take photographs of what you complete and return them to school through Class Dojo or email.  We will really like to see how well you are achieving.  These will support all of the children’s individual EHCPs.


Approach 2: For those times when children need to complete some activities without as much adult intervention we will be setting up a web page called ‘Remote Learning’. This will provide different things to watch, play and listen to each day. This will be split into two pathways and so you can chose which activities and programmes you want to watch. This will be updated each week.  Please click on the links below to engage in this online learning.  We hope you enjoy this.


All Learners: Can you win the worker of the week prize? Each week we will be looking at all of the wonderful work that you have sent in or completed at school. We will then be choosing a ‘Worker of the Week’ prize – one for a member of each class in school and one for a member of each class working remotely. You have a really good chance of winning a prize and these will be delivered to you each week. Keep an eye out for our whole school dojo on a Friday afternoon to see who has won the prize for the week.


Please refer to the following document regarding remote education provision:

Remote Education Provision - SEND


Mental Health & Wellbeing

We have created a separate page with advice and guidance for maintaining mental wellbeing at this time. There are also useful links to websites offer further support. You cna access the page here.


How-To Guides

We have created some how-to guides for parents to assist with remote learning; these can be found on the page "Useful Guides for Parents" by clicking Here.


Keeping Children Safe from Cyber Crime

Useful information can be found here



We have created a separate page just for Makaton! Click Here to access the page and learn about the Sign of the Week.


Week beginning: 5th July 2021

Remote Learning – Pathway 1 or Pathway 2  – you can choose your favourite.


Remote Learning Pathway 1:


Something to watch (on the TV or YouTube) Maths focus

Something to do (online/interactive resource)

English focus

Something to listen to or watch.


Monday 5th July  



Click the link to play the place value game


Clcik here to watch Diving Giraffes

Click here and listen to the story of Hansel and Gretel

Tuesday 6th July  



Click here to play the place value bead game




Watch the music video: Titanium

Click here to watch The Ugly Duckling 



7th July 


Click here to play the odd and even coconut game



Click here to listen to Rumpelstiltskin


Thursday 8th July   






Click here to play the odd and even fruit game



Friday 9th July 



Remote Learning Pathway 2:



Something to watch (on the TV or YouTube)

Maths focus

Something to do (online/interactive school resource)

English focus

Something to listen to, watch or play.



Monday 5th July



Click here to play the helicopter game


Click here to watch Night Zoo.


Game: Hop to it


Tuesday 6th July



Click here to play the Curious George game






Wednesday 7th July  

Read the number and help the ladybird get the right house.


Click here to watch lets play entrance to Rome





Game: My world kitchen



Thursday 8th July  





Click here for instructions to make a bluey sock puppet









Friday 9th July  

Click here to play the game



If you would like to access the resources from a previous week, these can be accessed Here.


Accessing Web-Links

If you get an error message when clicking the links below, try copying the URL and pasting it in to your normal web browser.


The documents below contain suggestions for websites and Apps that might be useful:

Special Apps for very Special Learners

Cherry Trees Online Learning Pack


Other useful links, that you may want to take a look at:

 Jensory YouTube Channel


Discover thousands of free resources across the curriculum

Fun curriculum linked resources to get your class moving while they learn. 


Story Time:       


Wellness Grid

Please choose 3 activities from the wellness grid below and share pictures on Class Dojo of anything that you have created or enjoyed throughout the week.

Don’t forget to take some photographs and send them back to your teacher through Class Dojo – we would love to see how well you are getting on.

July 2021


Staffordshire Transition Day

Tue 06th July

Staffordshire Transition Day


Sport's Day

Wed 07th July

Sport's Day


Celebration of Work Event

Tue 13th July

Celebration of Work Event


Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

Mon 19th July

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly


Last Day of Summer Term

Tue 20th July

Last Day of Summer Term


Inset Training Day

Wed 21st July

Inset Training Day - school closed to all pupils