Transition - Existing Pupils

Hello All,

I am writing to share our in-school plans around transition in readiness for the next academic year.  This year the Local Authority have asked that we carry out transition remotely and so we won’t be able to invite parents in to have meetings about this, which would be our normal practise.

The days that the children are exploring transition activities are:

  • Thursday 24th June 2021
  • Thursday 8th July 2021

During these days the children will take part in activities with different groups of children and some familiar and new to them staff – this will be done in a structured way and the children will see their normal classroom staff at key points in the day – to allow for wellbeing check ins. 

Once we are happy with the planned class for your child, we will communicate that with you about who their class teacher and team will be in September 2021.

Our school Pathways:

In September we will be working with a new curriculum approach and school will be set up slightly differently.  We will assign the children to their pathway, but this is not set in stone and the children can move in and out of the pathway, as their needs change.  We will discuss any changes with you along the journey.  Please visit our curriculum page on our website to gain more detailed information about both of these approaches.

We are drawing on the research of Penny Lacey and making pathways for the children in a suitable way to meet their needs with the correct curriculum approach.  These pathways are:

Pre formal/ Sensory – for children who learn through exploration and need very individualised pedagogy (with a close link between engagement, wellbeing and academic success). These curriculums are written for the individual – focusing on their EHCP outcomes – this ensures progress is planned for.  This will involve a lot of specialist input from bought in services including weekly speech and language therapists, Private Sensory OT services, work alongside our in-school therapists and a concrete community visits-based timetable. There will be three classes in this pathway – this allows for planned progression for these learners and ensures that expectations around independence are met in an age-appropriate way. (See diagram below).

Semi formal/ Formal – for children who respond well to a more formally structured learning approach, with increasing amounts of time working in groups or as a whole class.  All curriculum will be written and structured for the children in these classes and will be based on the national curriculum expectations.  These children will of course have access to additional services and will have targets set that they work on individually towards their EHCP.  These children will experience community visits to support their in-class teaching and to bring cultural experiences to life.

Thematic approach:

All of the children will begin to access our two-year rolling programme of topics – subjects will of course be taught, and skills will tie into the topic themes above.  Each half term parents will receive an overview of learning for that half term for their child, so hopefully you will feel that you are in the loop with all that is going on.  This information will also be put on to the website for you to look at.


Below is an outline of what the curriculum pathways entail and how they over lap and dove tail to provide a child centred approach to learning.

Class pathways:

This is the breakdown of the class pathways – so that you can see the progressive route through school for all children, whatever their need and their starting point. 

Please do contact school if you require any further information, we will endeavour to share more over the next few weeks and will continue to update the transition pages of the website.


Transition Publications: 

New Class Letter (Blue)

New Class Letter (Red)

New Class Letter (Orange)

New Class Letter (Green)

New Class Letter (Yellow)

New Class Letter (Purple)

Blue Class Transition Booklet

Red Class Transition Booklet

Orange Class Transition Booklet

Green Class Transition Booklet

Yellow Class Transition Booklet

Purple Class Transition Booklet

My New Class (Blue)

My New Class (Red)

My New Class (Orange)

My New Class (Green)

My New Class (Yellow)

My New Class (Purple)


July 2021


Staffordshire Transition Day

Tue 06th July

Staffordshire Transition Day


Sport's Day

Wed 07th July

Sport's Day


Celebration of Work Event

Tue 13th July

Celebration of Work Event


Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

Mon 19th July

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly


Last Day of Summer Term

Tue 20th July

Last Day of Summer Term


Inset Training Day

Wed 21st July

Inset Training Day - school closed to all pupils